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Lives With TOm & Karen

February 2019

Black Mouth Cur and Labrador Mix


About Rika
Rika's mother was transported from Texas to Minnesota. We adopted Rika and her sister Kira in 2019.  They were litter mates, sisters, and best friends.  Kira passed away as a result of aggressive lung cancer in 2022.  Rika has been devastated without her sister, litter-mate and best friend Kira.  She got sick and was very lethargic.  We made a hard decision to adopt a puppy to be a companion for Rika and it was absolutely the right decision.  In August of 2022 we adopted Petra, a brave, friendly and outgoing puppy who rallies Rika to get up and play and explore.  As a result of this new bond, Rika has SISU, which is a Finnish word meaning stoic determination.   Sisu is a Finnish concept described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character. It is generally considered not to have a literal equivalent in English.  Petra demonstrates the same character, which is key in helping Rika move forward in her life.  Rika will NEVER forget her Kira sister. 


Where they came from:  Both Kira and Rika were going to be aborted at a high-kill animal shelter but a Minnesota family volunteered to foster the mother dog until she gave birth and then continue to foster her and the puppies until they were old enough to adopt.  The mother dog went into labor on February 1st, and after giving birth to the first four puppies had complications and had to be rushed to the veterinarian after midnight so that the remaining five puppies could be delivered by emergency C-Section.  Kira was one of the first four, and Rika was the runt, last puppy delivered.

Rika is high-energy, curious and enjoys being the boss. Her white coloring makes her easy to spot and she enjoys playing at the lake and in the yard at the Frost's  lake home.  

Claim to Fame
Rika is a fantastic mentor for Petra who was adopted as a puppy August of 2022.  

Rika will never forget her sister, Kira.  Rika looks for Kira everywhere we go, every boat ride and every car that arrives in our driveway.  



Lives With Kallie & Jordan

Adoption Date
September 4, 2015

April 2013

American Staffordshire Terrier and Labrador Mix

About Lily 
Lily loves to "roo" as her greeting to family and friends. She is the snuggle queen of the family, offering warm snuggles to anyone who looks like they could use some puppy love. She loves to pounce in the reeds at the lake. Lily is a fast dog and a strong swimmer! She was recently Kallie and Jordan's "flower girl" for their wedding in March. 

Best Youtube Video
"Pitbull Meets Kitten"




Lives With KAyt & David

Adoption Date
April 28, 2017 

April 17, 2017

German Shepard

About Rollo 
Rollo is a big pup, but has a big heart. Rollo does a great job of sharing his toys with his sisters and cousin dog, Lily. He enjoys playing with his family in the yard and loves to swim. Sometimes, if he can sneak away, he may try to jump in the lake because it's nice and cold! 

Best Youtube Video
"Adopted German Shepard Shares Toys With Rescued Kitten"




Adoption Date

June 2014


April 2014


Blue Heeler Mix

About Aria
Aria is sometimes called the "grumpy old lady" that we all love. She can be particular about who is in her space, but once you give her a nice ear scratch, she is your new friend. She is partially blind in one eye from an injury she had as a puppy. David didn't mind her imperfections thought and decided to adopt the clearance puppy. She loves spending time with her big brother Rollo and new sister, Ebony. 



Adoption Date
February 2019


May 2018


German Shepard and Labrador Mix

Ebony is the newest member of the Susterick family. Before her adoption, Ebony had her own puppies that went on to be adopted by loving families. Kayt and David adopted Ebony for a shelter in their hometown. Ebony loves to play with new friends but can be a little shy at first. She loves a good game of fetch and spending time out in the yard. 



Adoption Date
August 2022


June 2022


Labrador-Beagle Mix "Beagle-a-Dor"

About Petra
Petra is the newest member of the Frost family. Before her adoption, Petra's mommy dog was transported from a high kill shelter in Texas and when she got to Minnesota it was discovered that she was pregnant.  Petra was born along with several siblings in Minnesota and adopted at 8 weeks old by us.  We were not looking to adopt a puppy so soon, but Rika was so very depressed when her sister Kira passed away that she got sick and lost all of her energy. We felt that is was very urgent to adopt a companion dog for Rika as soon as possible, and it was the best decision we could ever make.  It took some time, but Petra puppy won Rika's heart, and helped her get her mojo back.  Petra insists on motivating Rika to play and explore.  Petra treats other dogs with respect and her dynamic and fun loving personality is instrumental in convincing other dogs to get up and play.  She also loves to snuggle.  Petra LOVES children which is fantastic for our grandchildren. 

Guest Stars

Furever in our hearts


About Sadie
Sadie left a lasting impression on the hearts of many FROSTY Life followers. She loved to play "find it" with her stuffed hedgehog, which she had alongside her before she passed in the arms of her family.


In her younger years, Sadie was very active in the Frost's backyard, playing catch and running around with the Frost girls. She loved camping trips to Maplewood State Park. She also loved going with the family to fish when they got their first boat. As she got older, she enjoyed the new family lake home. She loved to sit at the edge of the dock and watch birds, or go for a nice evening boat ride around the lake. 


Sadie's ashes will be spread in a few of the places that she loved including the lake and the Frost's backyard. She will forever live in our hearts and was a perfect mentor to the other FROSTY Life dogs. 




Jordan brought edna home and grew up with her. she mentored lily in farm life.
Border Collie Mix



LiveD with Grandma and Grandpa Frost
Mixed Breed



About Kira

Kira suddenly became critically ill on a Saturday morning in July and was rushed to the animal hospital in Fargo where she was found to be filled with an aggressive cancer in the lungs.  Kira passed away within hours with her family by her side.


Her loss was a devastating blow to her people pack, as well as her sister and litter-mate Rika.  The hardest part of her sudden loss was watching Rika become very depressed and then got sick and had to be taken to the vet twice within the next two weeks.  Rika was with Kira ever minute of her life since they were in the puppy womb, and adopted together into our family.


Kira was an old soul, kind, tender and polite.  She welcomed visitors by sitting in their lap and staring right into their soul.  She loved to cuddle with people and play with Rika.  Kira gave the best hugs I have ever experienced. I allowed her to sit in my lap anytime she wanted. She was 55 pounds of pure love.  I often buried my face into the fur of her neck, deeply breathing in her earthy fresh aroma. 


Kira must have worked very hard to conceal her pain and weakness caused by the cancer that invaded her body so quickly.  She appeared to start loosing her stamina in her last few days but played hard anyway, with longer breaks to catch her breath.  It appeared that she was not fond of the heat of the July summer, so the severity of her illness came as surprise.  


Rika often lays in the grass where they last played that morning, and she looks off into the distance with obvious signs of being deep in thought, remembering her sister that she will love and miss dearly forever.  


We love the memories and Blessings that Kira gifted us with in her three short years.  We cry in sorrow and smile in remembrance of such a loving pooch.  I pray the Lord allows dogs to again join us in eternity someday. 


Kira's ashes will bless our lakeside, dock and yard where she loved to play and explore.  I love all the memories, snuggles and hugs she blessed us with. We love you so very much Kira. 


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